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Welcome to the first bulletin of Unite the Resistance (UTR) in West Yorkshire. We are meeting regularly to unite together every campaign against the cuts and this nasty Condem government. Most people oppose what is happening they just don’t know how to fight it. We can channel the anger we all feel to maximum effect. Through this bulletin and meetings and twitter and every which way we will publicise and mobilise for anti-cuts events.

northern towns against cuts

Fighting the cuts across West Yorkshire

We are already facing growing poverty and austerity here. 27% of our kids are growing up in poverty. Over 1000 Yorkshire pensioners died with cold weather contributing to their deaths last year. As the cold weather bites and gas and electricity bills have rocketed even more could die this winter. Low pay and low rates of benefit mean that the only shops opening on our high streets are pay day loan companies. We cannot afford to do nothing. Join the fight back for fair pay, fair rents defend welfare and our NHS. Contact us with your stories and events –

Email: Info@uniteresist.org           Twitter: @WestYorksUTR

Unite the Resistance In West Yorkshire

Trade Unions and the Fight against Austerity…….a strategy to win

Pamphlet Launch by contributor Laura Miles (UCU pc)

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23rd January

Time 6.30pm

Venue: TUC Centre, 88 North Street, Leeds.

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