Support striking HMRC cleaners

10 July 2019

Support striking HMRC cleaners

10 Jul 2019
From PCS

PCS members working for private contractor ISS as cleaners in HMRC at Bootle and Liverpool are striking for 2 days from Monday (15) over low pay, poor conditions and job insecurity.

These workers are also threatened by the ongoing programme of HMRC office closures. Further hardship has also been caused by ISS changing the pay interval, which is how often workers get paid.

Our members deserve a wage they can live on, conditions in line with the civil servants whose offices they clean, and ultimately to be brought back into the public sector where they belong.

We have tried very hard to achieve better terms and conditions for our members and we have sought to resolve our dispute with ISS. In the absence of any meaningful, positive response from the employer our members have now voted unanimously to take strike action to further their aims and to bring an intransigent employer to the table.

Members are striking at the following offices:

  • Imperial Court, Exchange Street East, Liverpool, Merseyside
  • Litherland House, Litherland Road, Bootle, Merseyside
  • Regian House, James Street, Liverpool, Merseyside
  • The Triad, Stanley Road, Bootle, Merseyside.

Come and show solidarity to send the strongest possible message to both HMRC and ISS that it’s time to stop paying poverty wages and time to treat workers fairly.

There will be picket lines and rallies at the following addresses:

• The Triad, Stanley Road, Bootle (picket 7-11am and rally – 15 July, 10.30am)

• Imperial Court, Exchange Street East, Liverpool (picket 10am-12pm)

• Regian House, Derby Square/Strand Street (there are two entrances with picket lines), Liverpool (picket 10am-12pm)

• Victoria Monument, Derby Square, Liverpool (rally 12pm, 15 July).

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