ISS and Aramark staff at BEIS to take four days strike action over low pay

14 May 2019

ISS and Aramark staff at BEIS to take four days strike action over low pay

14 May 2019

Contracted out cleaners and caterers at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will take four days’ strike action next week in a dispute over pay and conditions.

PCS are fighting for the London Living Wage (LLW) and an end to outsourcing at the department. We have strongly argued that the contractors should pay the LLW and that BEIS should be putting pressure on the contractors to do so. We believe the scandal of low pay and poor conditions is caused by outsourcing and we are campaigning to bring these services back in-house.

The upcoming strike action follows numerous reports of PCS members working for ISS who have experienced issues around pay, including underpayments, incorrect payments and in some cases no wages at all.

This situation led to a foodbank being set up by the union branch to help workers in need.

Speaking ahead of the planned action, PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “The contractors ISS and Aramark have behaved disgracefully in their treatment of hard working cleaners and caterers.

“To rub salt into the wounds, ISS has also been guilty of gross mismanagement of the contract, by not paying staff on time and in some cases not paying staff at all.

“This has led to some of our members not being able to get to work due to lack of wages and having to rely on a foodbank, set up by the local PCS branch at BEIS.

“This strike action will send a clear message to the contractors and the BEIS management that we will not stand by as a union while workers are treated so appallingly.

“We will campaign vigorously to win and we are not ruling out further strike action in other parts of BEIS across the country.”

PCS has also said it is planning to ballot other areas of ISS if the company does not change course.

Show support for the strikers

Join the picket lines outside 1 Victoria Street on 21 and 23 May from 7.30–10.30am.

There is a joint rally with our Interserve Foreign and Commonwealth Office members, who are also on strike next week, planned for 11.30am on Tuesday (21 May) by the statue in King Charles Street with guest speakers to be confirmed.

You can support the workers on social media using the hashtags: #LivingWage #PCSstrike

Please donate to the strike fund and send messages of support to

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