Support Camden traffic wardens striking for a living wage for 5 days from Monday 1 October

28 September 2018

Traffic Wardens in Camden who work for NSL and are Unison members are taking strike action for 5 days from Monday 1 October.

Can you help raise solidarity with this important dispute by a group of low paid workers. They are currently paid £10 an hour but this isn’t enough to live on in London and so are asking for £11.15 an hour.

Camden Unison point out, “Our Camden UNISON members working for NSL are a group of predominantly Black workers who often face assaults and racist abuse carrying out their job. It’s disgraceful that they only receive poverty pay. NSL says that it doesn’t have the money to pay them a decent wage. But companies like NSL are set up to make a profit out of both you and the traffic wardens. Last year, they made £2 million in profit. They paid their top director £708,000, an increase of almost 400% since 2015. NSL aren’t the only ones to make money – Camden Council made £26 million profit out of parking services in 2017. Our members voted overwhelmingly (92%) for strike action.”

·         Send messages of support to

·         Invite a striker to speak at your next union meeting

Visit the picket lines, 7.30-10.30am:

·         Kilburn Base – 199 Belsize Road, NW6 4AA

·         Camden Car Pound – Regis Road, NW5 3EW

·         13-15 Guilford Street, WC1N 1DW

·         CCTV Holmes Road Depot, Holmes Road, NW5 3AP

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