Support Tower Hamlets Community Housing Workers’ two week strike

31 May 2018

All Out Strike for Equal Pay not Market Pay

Join the picket line Monday 4 June 2018  – Solidarity Rally from 8am

285 Commercial Road, E1 2PS

Housing workers at Tower Hamlets Community Housing are set to take two weeks of strike action from Monday 4 June 2018. They are opposing the imposition of a “market based” pay system.
Instead of NJC Local Government Pay, based on Job Evaluations that seek to secure equal pay for work of equal value, the new system relies on “market intelligence” on the pay rate for each role provided by a private consultancy company, Inbucon.
Staff are not allowed to know what roles in what organisations their pay has been compared to, the range of salaries, or even pay rates for other roles as all this is “commercially confidential”.
Although the new scheme offered short term increases for some staff they still voted to reject. As one member explained “Our pay will be market tested every two years with no guarantee that it won’t go down. “ Another explained “How can you guarantee equality in pay if you don’t know how it is determined and you can’t challenge it”. Others were mindful that whilst some protection now applied it would be worth less and less as time went on.
Strikers intend to take their campaign to local residents. THCH was set up through partial transfer of Tower Hamlets Council’s Housing stock. Staff and residents were given promises about protecting their rights as tenants, residents and workers.
Staff believe that introducing market pay breaks promises made to them. They will be alerting tenants to the impact on services and warning them that if promises to staff can be broken what does that mean for promises to residents.
The introduction of market pay is yet another example of social housing organisations adopting  private business methods. These market methods don’t deliver genuinely affordable housing nor fair conditions for workers.

Join the picket line Monday  4 June 2018  – Solidarity Rally from 8am

285 Commercial Road, E1 2PS

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Solidarity with THCH strike - Rally from 8am Monday 4 June -

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