Protest to Support Ex-Carillion staff at British Museum

31 May 2018


Protest to support ex-Carillion staff at British Museum

30 May 2018

There will be a protest outside the British Museum on 7 June to demand job security, union recognition and an end to privatisation.

Public sector outsourcing company Carillion, which employed 20,000 staff in the UK and ran several government contracts, including facilities management at the British Museum, went into liquidation in January.

Since then the 100 facilities management and cleaning services staff on the British Museum contract have been paid by the receivers and face an uncertain future.

PCS is calling for our members’ jobs, pensions and terms and conditions to be protected and for their jobs to be brought back in-house.

More privatisation

However, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has ‘washed its hands’ of any responsibility and the museum’s senior managers, including Director Hartwig Fischer, have refused to meet with PCS.  The museum has now announced that two more private companies will take over in place of Carillion.

Support services company TSS has said they will not recognise unions, will not honour existing terms and conditions or length of service, and will only guarantee jobs on a three-month short-term contract, after which permanent jobs will only be given to those who agree to new rotas.


PCS national executive committee member, Candy Udwin, said: “It is a disgrace that despite many years loyal service and continuing to work for the last four months in uncertain conditions since Carillion’s collapse, PCS members are being told they have no rights to guarantee their jobs or conditions.

“The collapse of Carillion shows everything that is wrong with privatisation. Shareholders get rich, tax payers have to bail them out and workers are left paying the price.

“It is a scandal that a public institution like the British Museum allows their staff to be treated in this way, and that they choose to employ a company that refuses to recognise trade unions.

“We are continuing to fight for our rights here at the British Museum, but also for an end to this system of privatisation that puts our public services and those who work in them at risk in this way.”

Join the protest

To support the campaign for job security, union recognition and an end to privatisation, we will be holding a protest outside the museum on Great Russell Street.

The protest will be held at 12:30 on Thursday 7 June and all supporters are welcome.

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