Tell British Museum It’s time to talk to Carillion staff

16 April 2018


Join the protest, 12.30-1.30pm, Wednesday 18 April, British Museum, Great Russell Street. Facebook event here
Many of us have worked at the museum for many years, long before it was decided to contract us out to Carillion five years ago.

We have no guarantees for the future of our jobs, our terms and conditions or our pensions.

Yet the British Museum is refusing to speak to us or our union PCS about our future. Director Hartwig Fischer has said he can’t meet staff or our unions because we don’t work for the museum.

We believe the best way to safeguard the services we provide is to bring staff back in-house and we would like to discuss ways this could be done. Other public service bodies have agreed to bring services provided by Carillion back in-house.

See article by Polly Toynbee here…/carillion-outsourcing-public-…

Five years ago we took action to protest against services being privatised. We think we have been proved us right and that privatisation isn’t working. Taxpayers pay the profits of these
multinationals and then it is us who has to pick up the bill when they go bust.

We are not even being kept informed by the museum of the possibility that a private company may take us over on an interim basis. We want to discuss guarantees that our jobs and terms and conditions will be guaranteed under TUPE legislation and that our pensions will be made good.

It is not right that we should be kept in the dark. We have the right to be treated with decency even if the Museum decided to contract us out to a private company like Carillion.

It is now urgent the British Museum at least meet to discuss our future. Our union PCS is demanding an immediate meeting with the Director and urgent talks to discuss how to protect staff. Please support us.

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