Health worker explains why NHS workers should reject the pay offer

24 March 2018

Manchester health worker Karen Reissmann explains why she thinks NHS workers should reject the NHS pay offer.

(Karen speaks in a personal capacity)


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  1. miffy ohara said:

    Suggestion … Why not ask for experienced staff who have marked time at the top of their banding, to be given 3 additional spine points over the next 3 years in addition to 6.5%. Here is an example – If you are currently a band 5 on pay scale point 23 you are earn £28,746 – in 3 years you would be on point 26 earning £37,890. That is = 29% pay rise not 6.5% #NHSPay #NHSPay18

    24 March 2018 at 4:32pm

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