Report from Manchetser UtR social, Tuesday 12 December

2 January 2018

Trade unionists and activists in Manchester Unite the Resistance held a solidarity social with striking workers on Tuesday 12 December to hear about each other’s disputes, have a pre-Christmas drink and discuss how to organise.

The North West has seen a wave of strikes over recent months in Greater Manchester, including Mears Housing, First Buses’ Rusholme depot, Arriva buses and the RMT’s dispute over driver only trains.  The social also included workers from Fujitsu and McDonalds who may soon be taking industrial action.

Union reps from First Buses and Mears talked about their disputes, with the Mears linking their fight with the wider issue of housing in North Manchester.

A Fujitsu worker in Unite spoke about redundancies and victimisations and their strike ballot.

A member of the Bakers Union talked about recruiting to the union in McDonalds and possible strikes in the New Year in their campaign for the £10 an hour living wage. The event linked the strikes to wider political questions as a Unison member gave a moving account of her visit to take donations to refugees in Calais and the need to build anti-racist organisation.

The meeting announced a mass protest at First Buses Rusholme depot on Wednesday 7 December at 7am. The workers there have been taking action for 12 weeks and early solidarity protests have seen big turnouts.

By bringing together around 30 activists and strikers like this Manchester Unite the Resistance has built confidence and developed broader links which will help strengthen unity between activists in different unions in the coming battles.

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