PCS pay day protests Tuesday 31 October

30 October 2017

9 reasons to join PCS payday protests on 31 October

26 Oct 2017

Thousands of PCS members are expected to support our payday protests taking place across the UK on 31 October to heap the pressure on the government ahead of the budget on 22 November. Here are 9 reasons why you should join them

  1. To back our call for fully-funded, above inflation pay rises for all public sector workers.
  2. To oppose attempts by the government to divide public sector workers by offering to break the 1% pay cap for some but not others.
  3. To send a powerful message to management and the government that you oppose continuing low pay increase.
  4. To prevent a further decline in living standards in the coming years.
  5. To say you’re sick of struggling through to the next payday and having to turn to payday loans and foodbanks to pay your bills and feed your family.
  6. To build momentum on public sector pay and show that you and the vast majority of public sector workers are suffering after 7 years of pay restraint.
  7. To pile pressure on a weak and divided Tory government.
  8. To call for the reinstatement of progression pay throughout the civil service.
  9. To show you are prepared to get more involved with the union to benefit you and your colleagues.

You can also back our pay campaign by voting yes in our consultative ballot on pay which runs until 6 November and telling the chancellor Philip Hammond how the pay has affected you using our pay calculator.

Not a PCS member? Join by 27 October to have your say on pay.

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