Appeal from Save South Yorkshire Women’s Aid – sign the open letter

25 October 2017

Dear Sister, Brother

We send this letter requesting your support for our campaign.

If you’ve not learned of the campaign yet, we’ve included article links below.

Initially, as quoted in the articles below, Cllr Chris McGuiness cited the reason for funding withdrawal from the council to South Yorkshire Women’s Aid as lack of funds due to Tory spending cuts.

Since then we investigated and published proof that there was over £90 million in council reserves.

This week Cllr Chris McGuiness DMBC cited this campaign as the reason that the council are not able to fund Women’s Aid!

This campaign was only formed because the council withdrew funding and his comments are an attempt to drive a wedge between the supporting public and the brave staff who are speaking out about cuts.

His comments are also an attempt to silence these courageous workers.

These are the only front line workers who have been brave enough to go on record and publicly speak about cuts to Women’s Aid centres in the UK.

This is the last Women’s Aid in South Yorkshire. It serves communities from Doncaster, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and the surrounding villages.

The campaign has recieved huge support from constituents as well as Union Branches and Political Party Branches across our region and further afield.

We ask that you reply with your name, trade union and any position held as a show of Solidarity and support.

Yours, in Solidarity, Jen, Amy and the Women’s Lives Matter Yorkshire campaigners.

To add our name to the letter below please email:


Save South Yorkshire womens Aid.

We the undersigned support the campaign to save womens the last women’s Aid in South Yorkshire.

While ever domestic violence and abuse exist in our communities, there simply must be adequate services in place to support the victims.

We are aware that Women’s Aid offers support services, empowering educational courses and in addition has dedicated support worker for women from BAME community that the generic Council services in Doncaster simply don’t offer.

Two women a week die at the hands of their abuser.

3 women a week take their own lives as a result of being abused.

During the eight months that the service was previously closed by Doncaster Met Boring Council, 6623 cases of domestic abuse were reported to police in Doncaster alone.

Domestic abuse is prevalent in Doncaster and wider South Yorkshire region. The council domestic abuse support services have suffered cuts within their own service and cannot support the sheer volume of caseloads that they are presented with.

We are aware that the council’s own domestic abuse support service refers cases to South Yorkshire Womens Aid frequently, for the council to then deny any funding support to a service that they use themselves due to the inadequacy of their own service is nothing short of a shameful state of affairs.

Along with campaigners we ask that Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council reinstate funding to Doncaster South Yorkshire Womens Aid with immediate effect.

We ask this for the protection and support of women and girls across the community as well as for the protection and support of our own members within the community in Doncaster and surrounding South Yorkshire region.


Ian Hodson, BFAWU National President

Gareth Lane, BFAWU fast food organiser

Tom Day, BFAWU Branch Sec McDonald Branch 102

Kate Mayer, GMB

Barbara Hulme, Unite community union

Sohail Chohan, Unite Community union

Jennifer Dunstan, DPAC & Unite Community Union.

Simon Murch, Joint division secretary Sheffield National Education Union.

Theresa Rollinson, Unison, 90 day Care UK striker.

Susan Shaw, Unite Community Union



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  1. Colin Frost-Herbert said:

    Really moving hearing about your fight for council funding to continue. I wish you every success and hope you can spread your battle to as many other groups as possible. Workplaces are the strongest link in fighting for the poor, every step in the direction of engaging those in work is powerful.

    4 November 2017 at 5:07am

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