All out strike to begin at Eastern Avenue jobcentre

20 October 2017

All out strike to begin at Eastern Avenue jobcentre

20 Oct 2017

PCS members at Sheffield Eastern Avenue jobcentre will be on strike from Monday 23 October until Friday 17 November when it has been announced the office will close.

Great campaign so far

Since the plan to close the Eastern Avenue jobcentre was announced the PCS members based there have campaigned to stop it. The jobcentre is located in one of the most deprived parts of Sheffield and provides a vital service to the local community. Local MPs have given full support and a local petition has been signed by many claimants.

Members vote to fight early closure announcement 

Last week the DWP announced that they now propose to bring forward the closure of Eastern Avenue to Friday 17 November. However plans to move staff to another office are not ready, health and safety reports have not begun and essential accommodation work will not be done on time. In addition promises from senior DWP management that outreach sites will be in place before the closure have not been fulfilled. In fact District management are suggesting that staff should tell claimants the office is closing and ask them what outreach facilities they would like.

PCS members have responded to the announcement of the early closure date by voting to strike until the closure date of 17 November.

26 days of brilliant strike action

PCS members at the jobcentre have already fought a brilliant campaign and have been on strike for 26 days. On every strike day ordinary members have turned up to picket and a great rapport has been built with campaign and community groups.

Support the Campaign Attend Eastern Avenue picket lines

PCS members are fighting to save the service to the community. They want the office to stay open or the closure delayed to allow talks on proper outreach facilities.

  • Please send messages of support to
  • Donations to the dispute fighting fund, to help those members on strike, should be sent PCS DWP Group, 3rd Floor, Town Centre House, Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8LY.
  • If you can, go along and visit the daily picket line at Sheffield Eastern Avenue.

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