Fast Food Rights national day of action for £10 an hour and union rights: 4 September: Get behind fast food workers!

4 August 2017

Fast Food Rights national day of action for £10 an hour and union rights: 4 September: Get behind fast food workers!

On Monday 4 September, a national day of action is being called by the BFAWU bakers’ union led Fast Food Rights campaign.

The Fast Food Rights campaign, where fast food workers have been organising into the union behind the demand for £10 an hour and union rights, emerged as part of a #FastFoodGlobal campaign, spearheaded by the US Fight for $15 strike movement that has sparked inspiration all around the world as hundreds of thousands of fast food and other low waged workers have struck back, taking on the plight of poverty pay and lack of respect at work.

Here in the UK, a key focus for the campaign where fast food workers are now getting organised has been the demand for a £10 an hour minimum wage for all, now Labour party policy and a central policy in its 2017 election manifesto. Workers are also fighting for union recognition, in an industry notorious for poor working practices, appalling conditions and low pay. And after a fanfare of announcements in the press earlier this year, McDonald’s are yet to deliver on their promise to offer all its workforce the right to a guaranteed hours contract. Workers therefore are continuing their battle to end zero hours contracts.

These key demands, along with the fundamental struggle for dignity and respect at work, will be the focuses for the day of action. On the day, a major action will take place in London where fast food workers are calling on the wider trade union and anti-austerity movement to join them in solidarity.

Outside London, solidarity protests are encouraged. Please send any details of anything organised in your area to, along with urgent messages of support for fast food workers who are also currently balloting for strikes at McDonald’s over a failure to meet health and safety concerns, failure to address the issue of reduction in hours, and failure to address workers’ grievances over bullying. See more details on the McDonald’s workers’ strike ballot here

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