Solidarity with these strikes this summer…

21 July 2017

Solidarity with these strikes this summer… 

As many of us think about our summer holidays, a whole number of workers are having to worry about taking continued strike action over the coming months. Strikes at the Barts NHS Trust, the British Airways Mixed Fleet cabin crew, Mears Housing workers in Manchester, the Birmingham refuse workers, and the Eastern Avenue Job Centre workers in Sheffield have all escalated their action in recent weeks.

Unite the Resistance wants to see these fights win, so we urge solidarity. Victories for these fights over low pay and job cuts could also help to inspire a national campaign to break the public sector pay cap (see here)

There are a number of things you can do to support these fights:

  • Why not invite a striker to address your union branch meeting?
  • Do a collection in your workplace or make a union branch donation to the strike fund. (See links below)
  • Visit the picket lines


Back the cleaners, porters and security staff at Barts NHS trust out on strike Tuesday 25 July – Monday 7 August  
Striking hospital workers marched down Whitechapel Road

Up to 1,000 workers in Bart’s NHS Trust which includes Bart’s Hospital, the Royal London Hospital, Mile End Hospital and Whipp’s Cross Hospital  finished a week long strike on Monday having escalated their action from a previous 3 day strike. The are taking on the rich multinational SERCO over low pay. The strike is a brilliant example of how it’s migrant workers who have built and who sustain our national health service – they deserve our absolute support.

A further 14 day strike is due to take place from Tuesday 25 July. Messages of solidarity and support to Donations: By electronic bank transfer: account 20344885 Sort code 60-83-01 Or cheques sent via: Willie Howard, Unite the Union, 33-37 Moreland St, EC1V 8BB. Cheques payable to: “Barts NHS Health Branch” A collection sheet is available here


BA Mixed Fleet cabin crew on strike until 15 August 
A further 14 day strike started on Wednesday 19 July, but the Mixed Fleet Cabin Crew have now escalated this action so that it is a 28 day strike (ending on Tuesday 15 August). Check the BA solidarity FB page here. Messages of support and donations can be sent
 here Follow the dispute on Twitter: @MFUnite

Download a collection sheet here

Mixed fleet cabin crew demonstrate outside Parliament


Scrap the cap, start the fight on pay now 

In a special bulletin on pay, Unite the Resistance joint national secretary, Sean Vernell argues, “Clearly the Tories and employers are on the ropes over pay. The firefighters 2% pay offer should signal the opening of a tidal wave of claims that breaks the pay freeze.” Go here to read more



Support the Eastern Ave Job Centre strikes in Sheffield 

PCS members at Eastern Avenue job centre in Sheffield, have continued escalation of their dispute and have been on strike for 5 days this week against the closure of their office. The dispute needs your continued support. Rush messages of support to: Donations via PCS DWP Group, 3rd Floor, Town Centre House, Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8LY.



Mears housing workers on strike until 4 August 

Housing maintenance workers employed by Mears are on strike over unequal pay rates across the country for the same job. The Manchester Unite members are out until 4 August.

Donate to the strike fund by cheque payable to “UCATT UD.393 Manchester 1st Branch”, send to Andy Fisher, Unite, 2 Churchill Way, Liverpool, L3 8EF, or online to account 46034412 sort code 60-83-01.

Send a message of support to Colin Pitt via

Read more here


Birmingham Council Refuse strikes continue 

Following a 24 hour strike refuse workers are continuing their two hour strikes over job losses and bullying. The strikes continue on 27 July and 4 August. Read more here You can send messages of support via:

Download a poster for your bin or window here


Bank of England set for strikes! 

Maintenance, ‘parlours’ and security staff at the Bank of England are set to strike over pay in the first BoE strike in 50 years after a 95 percent vote for action. Strikes are set for 31 July- 3 August. More detail here
Send messages of support:

Send a donation to the strike fund, payable to “Unite LE/LS50 bank of England branch” – To Mercedes Sanchez at Unite, 33 – 37 Moreland St, London, EC1V 8BB

If you are in London on 31st July you can come and support the first day of action on the picket line at Threadneedle Street.
Picturehouse strikes – back the strike fund 

Cinema workers at the Picturehouse chain are continuing their fight for a Living Wage and need more solidarity to back their strikes. you can donate to their strike fund here

Follow the dispute via their Facebook pages: 

Ritzy here
Central here
Hackney here
Crouch End here
East Dulwich here

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