Solidarity with BA mixed Fleet Cabin Crew: collection sheet

20 July 2017

British Airways Mixed Fleet Cabin Crew are currently on strike until Tuesday 15 August over low pay and sanctions for previous strike action.

Support their strike by using the collection sheet below

Download the pdf of the collection sheet here

Send messages of support via this link:

BA collection sheet


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  1. Linda Pendlebury said:

    I wish BA would sort this strike. What is needed is someone who will listen to the staff. They are not asking for anything that has not been part of the package that was offered ie travel concessions or bonus. I am sure and I speak from experience cabin crew want to get back to work and do a job they enjoy. They make sacrifices to do this role. Social life, away from family and friends most of the time and this is their sacrifice and dedication they show.BA need support their staff more and higher the morale. Disgraceful behaviour from an airline that is British flagship.

    29 July 2017 at 10:39am

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