PCS union HMRC protests Monday 31 July: list of events

28 July 2017

31 July pay up in HMRC

31 July: pay up in HMRC

Our members in HMRC collect the taxes that fund vital services that millions of us rely on but, along with thousands of colleagues across the civil service, they have seen their pay frozen or capped for years.

The department is set to impose the annual maximum  of 1% pay cap on HMRC this coming payday – 31 July – and we want to make an example of the government’s paymasters by getting as many of our HMRC members and supporters to hold a day of protest, and show what another year of the pay cap will mean to them.

For many members their monthly payday offers no respite, as they know that most of their earnings will quickly disappear on bills and essentials. We are campaigning to change that.

Public sector workers have suffered under the UK-wide 1% public sector cap introduced in 2013, which itself followed a two-year pay freeze. The last Tory government pledged to keep the pay cap in place until 2020.

Payday protests

We are asking HMRC members and supporters to join lunchtime protests outside their workplaces on 31 July. We need as many people as possible to join these protests to send a powerful message to the government to lift the cap. The government is weak and divided, particularly around the issue of public sector pay, so this is a great opportunity to show your support for public protests and finally get the cap lifted. Pay up in HMRC payday photo opportunity cards will be sent to HMRC branches and to PCS regional centres. Contact your PCS regional office for details. 

31 July payday protests across the UK

PCS members are gearing up for our payday protest on 31 July to put pressure on chief executive Jon Thompson to break the 1% pay cap. Here are some of the activities planned for the day:



Members’ meeting and lunchtime photo opp.



Protest and photo opp from 12.15pm.



Members’ meeting with Marianne Owens guest speaker from the Revenue and Customs group executive committee and a photo opp.



Lunchtime photo opp and protest.



Meet outside 101 Victoria Street for a lunchtime photo opp.



Lunchtime photo opp and recruitment event.



Lunchtime photo opp and protest.



Off-site photo opp planned.



Photo opp and rep-run stalls.


East Kilbride

Protest and photo opp.



Speeches and photo opp outside Portcullis House, 21 India St, Glasgow G2 4PH.



Members’ meeting planned for 8 August.



Lunchtime photo opp and protest.



Lunchtime photo opp and protest outside a city centre HMRC office.



– Euston Tower – lunchtime protest and photo opp.

– 100 Parliament Street – lunchtime protest and photo opp.



Lunchtime photo opp and recruitment event.



Photo opp at 1pm at Trinity Bridge (Lowry side) and guest speaker Martin Kelsey, PCS Revenue and Customs group secretary.



Rally and lunchtime photo opp.



Lunchtime photo opp.



Protest and photo opp at noon.



Local MP Alex Cunningham and PCS Assistant General Secretary Chris Baugh will be participating in an off-site members’ meeting, to which the media have been invited. Reps will be tying the meeting in with the office closure campaign in addition to the pay up campaign.



Lunchtime photo opp outside HMRC Swansea.



Lunchtime photo opp at HMRC Waterview Park, Mandarin Way.



Lunchtime photo opp and protest.



Lunchtime protest and photo opp.

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