Collection sheet to support Barts NHS Trust strikers

11 July 2017

Hundreds of cleaners, porters, domestics and security staff working across four sites of Barts NHS Trust in East London are striking back after their jobs were taken over by outsourcing multinational SERCO.
The hospital workers are demanding a 30p per hour pay increase after they were offered 1 percent and a pay ten year pay freeze.
On Tuesday 10 July they began a seven day strike, this follows a three day strike from 4 July. If SERCO don’t back down there will be a further 14 day strike from 25 July.
These hospital workers need our urgent support. Wages have been driven down in Britain-led by a Tory government who also give their rich mates tax breaks.
We need a fightback over pay across the unions in the public and private sectors, including coordinated strikes.
The Barts workers are showing how to fight-a victory for them can inspire miliions of others.

Download the collection sheet pdf here

Barts collection sheet

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