Unite the Resistance post-election statement: Unions must lead a fight for Corbyn’s policies

9 June 2017

UtR post-election statement

Jane Aitchison (joint secretary Unite the Resistance)

Ian Hodson (BFAWU President)

Sean Vernell (joint secretary Unite the Resistance)


Jeremy Corbyn has inspired millions with his election campaign, and the fruit of that work was seen in last night’s stunning election result.

It is a result that represents a massive rejection of austerity.

Unite the Resistance would like to add its congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell and everyone who fought to get the message out about the “For the Many, not the few” Labour manifesto.

Corbyn has defied all those across the mainstream press who sought to smear and denigrate him. He has defied all those who said he was not fit to lead including in his own party.

He has shown the anti-austerity policies are hugely popular and that millions are looking for an alternative.

Theresa May’s flimsy pact with the bigoted DUP is destined to be “weak and wobbly”. We have to demand that May must go.

The coming days and weeks will be absolutely crucial. Unite the Resistance welcomes that many trade union leaders have sent their congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn.

Now is a moment for mobilisation that can, and should, be led by our trade unions.

This is a tremendous opportunity to build and strengthen the unions and fight for the kind of future that we all want to see.

We urgently need to back Corbyn’s policies, many of which have come from the unions themselves.

There is an opening for the unions to call protests to back Corbyn’s demands for:

  • £10 an hour minimum wage
  • The scrapping of tuition fees
  • The repeal of the  Trade Union Act
  • Reinstatement of EMA
  • The building of one million affordable homes
  • Renationalisation of rail, post and energy
  • Defence of EU nationals and rejection of racist scapegoating
  • Increased taxation of the rich
  • Stopping cuts to school funding

…and many more.

On the back of this result the TUC should lead and build a mass movement in support of these policies. There is no time to lose.

In the course of this campaign millions rose up to vote for Corbyn’s policies, now it’s time to protest, strike back, get the Tories out and fight for Corbyn’s policies.

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