Organising solidarity with strikers in our universities

6 June 2017

Monday 12 June, 6pm, Executive Suite, 1st Floor, Front Engineering Building, University College London

Download the leaflet here

(Torrington Place WC1, opposite Waterstones)

Over several months, outsourced cleaners at LSE and security guards at Senate House have been taking strike action, with support from their unions, the UVW and IWGB, in pursuit of basic workers’ rights. Their demands include implementing equal treatment with employed staff, paying sick pay, maternity pay and agreed pay rises, offering a pension, and ending ‘disguised’ zero hours contracts.

The workers’ treatment by our universities is a disgrace. The outsourcing companies are multinational employers that can easily afford to pay up. If the workers win, it will be a victory for outsourced workers, but their victory will also benefit every in-house worker in London colleges. It will show that outsourcing won’t stop us fighting for our rights.

We say: their fight is our fight! It is time to get organised to support the strikers.

This practical organising meeting has been set up to build a solidarity network open to union reps from any trade union, especially in Higher Education, in support of the cleaners’ and security guards’ strikes.

Called by London Region UCU       Supported by IWGB and UVW

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