8 June 2017

From UVW


UVW is proud to announce that the LSE cleaners will BROUGHT IN-HOUSE and become employees of the LSE from Spring 2018! This will ensure they get, among other things, 41 days annual leave, 6 months full pay sick pay and 6 months half pay sick pay, plus proper employer pension contributions of up to 13% of their salary.

This is the most significant victory for any group of workers in UK higher education today, and will hopefully set a precedent to follow for other degraded outsourced workers across the country.

This announcement comes on the back of an awe-inspiring 10 month battle for dignity and equality waged by the cleaners, through their union UVW which represents the near entirety of the unionised cleaners on the LSE campus.

This dispute saw the largest number of cleaners – all of whom are migrant and BAME workers most of whom had never been unionised before – in UK history strike from a single workplace, and saw the the cleaners take 7 days of strike action in total, with 3 more pledged for the LSE’s student graduation days in July. There were also several protests and two occupations through the course of this dispute.

The cleaners were heavily supported by the student led Justice for LSE Cleaners Campaign and the wider trade union movement. Support from people such as Owen Jones, who refused to cross the cleaners picket line, was also crucial in bringing pressure to bar in support of the cleaners actions.

We are particularly gratified that the new UNISON branch secretary wrote to UVW to congratulate us and the cleaners on the success of our campaign.

This victory is yet another vindication of the power of organised workers and the importance of collective action, including strike action, in winning dignity and equality at work.

Our members will be meeting in the near future to vote on the details of the deal and, in particular, the transitory offer of enhanced T&Cs until the move in-house takes place.

Powerful montage of UVW’s cleaners strikes at the LSE

SOAS Justice For Workers – End Outsourcing Justice for LSE Cleaners

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  1. Monica del Pilar Uribe said:

    Dear UVW,

    I am happy to hear that things finally work out for the LSE cleaners. What cleaners have achieved is an amazing victory. Congratulations.
    And you are right, this was also possible thanks to student and people such as Owen Jones, from The Guardian.
    And I would like to add: thanks to The Prisma newspaper too, as the newspaper has published several articles and it was the first Media to inform about this issue and attended various demonstrations.
    Certainly mainstream media have a great impact on public opinion, but alternative media plays an important role too, plus its commitment with different causes is continuous even if we are invisible even for those who are invisible for the mainstream media. We need to stand together as independent media like The Prisma, always consider vulnerable communities a priority.
    Congratulations again for your victory

    Best wishes,

    Monica del Pilar Uribe

    8 June 2017 at 5:54pm

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