Back John McDonnell’s call for 1 million in the streets – statement and model motion

16 June 2017

Model motion: Back John McDonnell’s call for 1 million in the streets

Jeremy Corbyn has inspired millions with his election campaign.

It is a result that represents a massive rejection of austerity.

Corbyn has shown that anti-austerity policies are hugely popular and that millions are looking for an alternative.

Theresa May’s flimsy pact with the bigoted DUP is destined to be “weak and wobbly”. We have to demand that May must go.

Speaking at the recent Bakers’ Union (BFAWU) conference, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said, “Just imagine if the TUC put out that call – that we want 1 million people in the streets.”

This union branch resolves:

To call on The TUC should call a mass demonstration, against Tory cuts and in support of Corbyn’s policies.

To call on our own union leaders to support this call – now is the time for mobilisation.


Motion passed at BFAWU conference 13.06.17

An emergency motion was passed unanimously at the Bakers’ Union conference which read:

“That this conference calls on theTUC to organise a national demonstration backing Jeremy Corbyn’s policies and raise this at the TUC general council”

Download a pdf of this model motion here

Statement – back John McDonnell’s call for one million in the streets, download the PDF here


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