5 Picturehouse cinemas on strike – plus protest at the Ritzy, Saturday 1 July

28 June 2017

From: A Living Wage for Ritzy Staff

Protest: Reinstate the Picturehouse 4 – Living Wage now!

In an outrageous attack on trade unionists, Picturehouse cinemas have suspended or sacked four reps at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton.

On July 1st, workers across 5 Picturehouse cinemas in London will be on strike again, and there will be a demonstration outside the Ritzy to reinstate the “Picturehouse 4”. Please do come along if you can.

Workers in Picturehouse cinemas have been waging an inspiring struggle for a Living Wage, decent sick pay, company maternity/paternity pay and union recognition. They have been on strike over fifty times in the last year, and are leading the way in organising precarious workers.

Now they are under attack from Picturehouse management, and they need and deserve our solidarity.

So, come along on Saturday 1st July – at 4pm outside the Ritzy cinema in Brixton.

Reinstate the Picturehouse 4!

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