Support DWP Sheffield Eastern Avenue strike on Friday 2 June

31 May 2017

Support DWP Sheffield Eastern Avenue strike on Friday 2 June

31 May 2017
From PCS

PCS members at the DWP Sheffield Eastern Avenue jobcentre will be on strike on Friday to fight the proposed closure of the office. A further five day strike will start on Monday 12 June.

Since the proposed closure of the Eastern Avenue jobcentre was announced our members have mounted a great campaign to stop it. Local MPs have given support and a local petition has been signed by many benefit claimants who use the office.

PCS has opposed the closure in negotiations with the DWP but DWP has refused to withdraw its proposal to close the jobcentre.

As part of the Tories’ cuts the DWP has announced proposals to close a total of 78 jobcentres.

DWP group president Fran Heathcote said, “The Eastern Avenue jobcentre is located in one of the most deprived parts of Sheffield and provides a vital service to the local community. Our message is clear, stop the cuts and defend public services.”

Last week delegates at the PCS DWP group conference voted unanimously to fully support members at Eastern Avenue, including visiting picket lines and raising funds for the PCS fighting fund which supports striking members.

Messages of support and donations

Messages of support should be sent to

Donations to the PCS Fighting Fund should be sent to: PCS DWP Group, 3rd Floor, Town Centre House, Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8LY.

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