Government equality staff to take five more days strike action

8 February 2017

Government equality staff to take five more days strike action

7 February 2017

The next strike day in the ongoing dispute is Thursday 9 February. EHRC staff have already been on strike for five days.

PCS members at the EHRC will take a further day of strike action on Thursday 9 February as part of a joint campaign with Unite members against compulsory redundancies and budget cuts. 

This is the same day that the Commission intends to issue compulsory redundancy notices to nine members of staff.

The Commission has targeted ethnic minority and disabled staff for redundancy, while making statements in staff meetings about implementing positive action measures to increase diversity.

PCS believes that there are roles available in the new structure that could be considered suitable alternative employment but none of the members at risk have been offered these. The Commission had stated that it would consider an extended redeployment period with appropriate training for staff at risk, in order to minimise the need for compulsory redundancy, but none of the members of staff at risk has been offered this opportunity.

PCS industrial officer Lois Austin said: “This is an abhorrent and shameful way to treat dedicated, experienced, and often long serving staff. These are our colleagues and friends.

“None of us wants to take strike action: it causes stress and anxiety, and places enormous pressures on each of us financially and emotionally. But one thing we have is the ability to stand together, to fight collectively against the worst excesses of a management intent on riding roughshod over employment and anti-discrimination laws, and on wiping out the presence of unions.”

Support the strikers
We are calling for London based PCS members to attend the London picket line at Fleetbank House, Salisbury Square, London, EC4Y 8JX from 7 am to show their solidarity as part of the TUC’s HeartUnions week of action, a week dedicated to celebrating the great work done by union reps and members in workplaces and in society.

There also pickets in:

Glasgow – 7.45-10am
151 West George Street G2 2JJ

Manchester – 7-10am
Entrance Arndale Centre on Cross Street

Birmingham – from 11am
Victoria Square House, Victoria Square B2 4AJ.

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