Further Spectrum for Arcadia walkouts 24 and 26 February

17 February 2017

From GMB

Spectrum for Arcadia staff in Leeds and Solihull will walk out for two days in February.

Shamed peer Sir Philip Green is facing fresh strikes at TWO Topshop sites after he denied hard-working staff a living wage.

Workers at Spectrum for Arcadia, a division of the DHL Logistics Supply Chain, in Solihull and Leeds will walk out on Friday February 24 and Sunday February 26.

The industrial action will throw Arcadia’s deliveries from Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Burton Menswear into chaos.

The knight of the realm recently faced calls from MPs to seize his £100million luxury yacht to plug a gaping pension’s black hole in his former company BHS. [1]

It followed unanimous vote by MPs to strip Green of his knighthood. [2]

GMB members balloted for strike action after their pay claim for a Real Living Wage – currently set at £8.45 by the Living Wage Foundation [3] – fell on deaf ears.

David Warwick, GMB organiser, said:

“Not content with offloading BHS with a £571million pension black hole, Sir Philip Green now thinks it’s OK to leave his hard-working staff without a wage they can live on.

“Previous strikes at the Solihull site haven’t got the message home – now Leeds have joined in.

“How much more disruption is he happy to inflict on his customers before he does the decent thing and pays his dedicated long-standing staff properly?”

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