Unite the Resistance Model Motion: Build the fight against austerity and racism

9 January 2017

Unite the Resistance model motion:

Build the fight against austerity and racism


This union branch/region/executive notes:

1)  The Tories’ continuing austerity assault, with 2017 promising the next round of major cuts and restructuring to the NHS through the ‘Sustainability Transformation Plans’, huge council cuts, and the ongoing battles to defend welfare, education and services and fight the Housing Act

2) The Tories are in complete disarray over the Brexit negotiations, and have been forced into a number of climb-downs over their austerity attacks, such as academies, their higher education bill and elements of the Housing Act

3) A concerted attempt on the part of the Tories, and across the mainstream political establishment to whip up racism in order to divide working class people and divert from the impact of their austerity assault as the rich are getting richer

4) On 4 March, Health Campaigns Together has called a national demonstration to defend the NHS, backed by the People’s Assembly, Unite the Union as well as Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party


This union branch/region/executive believes:

1) Despite huge support for the politicised national strikes led by junior doctors to defend the NHS and teachers to protect education in 2016, there has been a retreat on the part of the leadership of the trade union movement from the potential for coordinated national strikes that could have provided a focus for a generalised fight against the Tories’ austerity agenda. We need a greater level of strikes to take on austerity

2) While the level of strikes in Britain remains historically at an all-time low, we are continuing to see strikes emerge at a local or regional level that are showing the desire among many workers to take on the austerity assault. These strikes are generally receive widespread solidarity showing a mood of support for anyone fighting back

3) Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Labour leader amidst a bitter internal battle following an attempted coup by the Labour right was an affirmation of support for the anti-austerity and anti-racist agenda Corbyn represents


This union branch/region/executive resolves:

1) That we need to organise to actively support any group of workers who are striking back in the midst of Tory austerity attacks, and develop networks that can deliver solidarity. To affiliate to Unite the Resistance (for an annual fee: £100/ £25 local)*

2) To support initiatives proposed locally and nationally by the People’s Assembly.

3) To back the 4 March NHS demonstration, and send a delegation and banner


*Send affiliations to Unite the Resistance, c/o Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3QE and email notification of the motion being passed to uniteresist@gmail.com

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