Further strike dates on Southern Rail

13 January 2017

RAIL UNION RMT confirmed today that guards on Southern Rail will be taking further strike action later this month in the on-going fight for safety and the retention of a second safety-critical member of staff on the company’s services.

Members will strike again for 24 hours on Monday 23rd January.
Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said:

“Charles Horton has repeatedly promised publicly to retain a second safety-critical member of staff on his trains but as soon as it comes to direct talks the pledge melts away. That is the main reason why we are forced again to put on further strike action.

“In the BBC TV debate this week Mr Horton made that pledge again and also promised further direct talks with the union. Since then we have heard nothing. It is down to the company to end this posturing and to get back into the room with us to kick-start the negotiating process which is what the public are clearly crying out for.

“There is a golden opportunity between now and the next phase of action to get serious and genuine talks underway. RMT is available but is down to Southern/GTR to show that same commitment and to stick to the promises they gave on camera in front of TV audience across the region.”

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