Derby teaching assistants to take a further six days of strike action

8 December 2016

from Unison

Derby teaching assistants are to take six days of strike action in the long-running dispute over cuts to their pay, UNISON has announced today (Wednesday).

School support staff will take action next week and the week after (14, 15, 19 and 20 December) and then again in the new year (19 and 20 January).

The announcement follows last week’s vote in which staff rejected a revised offer from the council and opted to continue with industrial action.

School support staff put their strike action on hold in October to allow talks with the council to take place. UNISON said the council’s offer, which would have provided pay increases for only a handful of staff, fell well short of what was needed to settle the dispute.

UNISON regional organiser Adrian Morgan said: “With Derby school support staff struggling to make ends meet ahead of Christmas, it’s more important than ever that there’s a real solution to this dispute as quickly as possible.

“The council should stop playing hard ball, and show its teaching assistants it values their hard work and the crucial role they play in schools. School support staff hate inconveniencing parents but feel there is no other way to make the council see sense.”

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