French railworker explains why he is looking forward to Saturday’s “Building Fighting Unions…” conference

8 November 2016

“As a result of the global crisis of capitalism, the ruling classes are implementing simultaneously in almost all countries aggressive policies directed towards working people.

They hope to restore their profits and margins at our expense by lowering our wages, privatizing public services, destroying our pensions, attack labor regulations, facilitating redundancies and layoffs, raising our working hours, downgrading the terms and conditions of our contracts, collective agreements and so on.

Workers who are seeking to resist these policies need to build fighting trade unions able to organise all sections of the working class. I am looking forward to speak at Unite the Resistance conference to share my experience as a French railway worker in the light of the recent strikes we’ve had and to learn and further contacts with British comrades as a new wave of militancy seems to be gaining momentum in the British organised labour movement right now.”

Axel PERSSON, CGT Cheminots Trappes

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