All videos from Unite the Resistance conference 2016: Building Fighting Unions in the era of Jeremy Corbyn

16 November 2016

Around 300 people attended the Unite the Resistance, “Building Fighting Unions in the Era of Jeremy Corbyn” conference on Saturday 16 November. We share selected clips from the event below.

Please click on the name of the speaker to see the video:

(All speakers were speaking in a personal capacity)

Jane Aitchison, Unite the Resistance, joint national secretary

Megan Charlton, Durham Teaching Assistants

Ian Hodson, President BFAWU (Bakers’ Union)

Sean Hoyle, RMT President

Sean Vernell, Unite the Resistance, joint national secretary

Julie Sherry, Unite the Resistance

Hannah Lawson, PCS, National Museums Wales

Michael Bradley, Unite the Resistance

Candy Udwin, PCS NEC, National Gallery

Vicki Lopez, Disabled People Against the Cuts

James Farrar, United Private Hire Drivers

Nicola Jeffrey, Disabled People Against the Cuts

Kiv Legate, Ritzy Living Wage Campaign

John Hendy QC, Institute of Employment Rights

David Harman, UCU London Met Uni

John Burgess, barnet Unison

Liz Lawrence, UCU past president

Gareth Lane, BFAWU

Axel Persson, French Railway worker

Workshop: After Brexit, Migrant Workers: Here to stay, here to fight

Workshop: The Trade Union Act and the future for national strikes




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