Lobby of Kent County Council, Thursday 8 December

28 November 2016

Lobby of Kent County Council, from 8am, Thursday 8 December

Kent County Council have announced that they will implement a further staggering total of £108 million budget cuts resulting in 400 job losses. This is on top of the £500 million and 2000 jobs cut over the past six years. The Conservative government is demanding ‘efficiencies’ from councils yet continues to bail out the banks and subsidise private rail companies with our money. So-called efficiencies in the past have meant closures of care homes, sure start centres and schools.

These current proposals will be devastating with cuts to advice centre budgets, adult social care, children with special educational needs and health. Enough is enough. We will not accept these austerity attacks on our services, our jobs, our pensioners, our children, our communities. County councillors are elected to represent and serve their community, to ensure services are provided. We demand they do just that – stand up to the government and demand the funds needed to maintain our services.

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