Solidarity with Sheffield Bin workers strike

16 October 2016

SOLIDARITY on the picket line for striking Sheffield bin workers is being urged tomorrow after scabs were brought in from London.sheffield-bin-strike

Veolia bosses are shipping in scabs from Haringey council in London to break a one-day strike by GMB members at the Bernard Road depot in the city.

The union has called on Sheffield City Council to kick Veolia off the contract immediately.

GMB members are involved in a long-standing dispute with the company over their refusal to settle a pay claim. It is the second 24-hour strike in two weeks. The union has said it will welcome other trade unionists on the picket line. The strike breakers will travel first class from London to Sheffield and will be housed in one of the city’s finest hotels.

* Join the picket line at 6am Bernard Road, Sheffield.

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