Second Post Office strike announced

20 October 2016

Second Post Office strike announced

Second Post Office strike announced

From CWU

“The stakes have never been higher for the Post Office, its workers and the communities they serve,” said general secretary Dave Ward as the union announced a second national strike by members in Crown Offices, Admin and Supply Chain.

Some 3,500 CWU members will strike for the day on Monday 31st October, and as well as workplace pickets, there will also be a high-profile protest taking place in central London, aimed at making sure the union’s message is heard loud and clear.

Pensions, jobs, job security and the future of the entire network are all at risk under the current strategy being followed by senior management, who have infuriated hard-working staff with their stubborn refusal to change course.

Members of the direct benefit pension scheme have been told that the scheme is to close – despite it currently being in financial surplus – Crown Offices around the UK are under threat of either closure or privatisation, and the company is also carrying out significant cutbacks to its cash and valuables in transit operations.

“The Post Office is at crisis point and the management and government need to listen to the workforce,” Dave continued, adding: “Staff and the public are seeing little more than a glorified closure programme from the Post Office and it cannot survive by simply cutting costs.

“We are calling for the government as the owner of the Post Office to step in, halt the cuts and work with us to develop a proper strategy that will secure the future of the service.”

Assistant secretary Andy Furey said that the attack on members’ pensions could see their retirement income cut “by an average of 30 per cent – which is outrageous.

“There is no justification at all for this attack on our members’ pensions,” he insisted, saying that the direct benefit scheme had recently been described by auditors as the financially healthiest scheme of its type in the country.

Post Office management are “destroying this industry” he said, adding: “They’re turning members’ lives upside down.”



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