Rock-solid postal strikes in Luton

19 October 2016

Rock-solid postal strikes in Luton

From CWU

Area delivery rep Thomas Oakey thanked CWU members at Luton and Leagrave delivery offices for their “solid support” for today’s strike.

And he warned the company that further strikes will take place next week unless a resolution is found.

Hundreds of postal workers across four Luton post codes – LU1, LU2, LU3, and LU4 – went on strike today in protest against management bullying, in a walkout which followed an over 92 per cent vote for action.

Thomas, who represents delivery members across the whole ‘LU’ post code, said: “It’s been solid today and our thanks to members for their magnificent solidarity.

“In the two offices, we’re only aware of one person going in to work and he only started work last week.”

He explained that the company is using a delivery systems measuring tool to create disciplinary conduct cases against individuals, a practice which had led to three suspensions from delivery.

In the view of the CWU reps, false allegations around behaviours have led to one member being suspended and, although now returned to work at another office, the member faces an uncertain future in Royal Mail.

CWU reps consider these cases and numerous others since August to be breaches of numerous national agreements.

“This tool is intended for planning and resourcing purposes, not to target and discipline members of staff,” Thomas pointed out, adding that management needed to address the root causes of delivery problems in terms of resourcing and planning, instead of “picking on people.”

Notice has already been served on the business for a second 24-hour strike next Thursday, but in the meantime, union representatives are making every effort to achieve a resolution to the issue.

“As it stands, we will strike again next Thursday unless an agreement is reached,” said Thomas, adding: “We’ll continue to stick together and we’ll keep pressing as hard as we can for a fair resolution.”

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