Ipswich bus drivers to strike in low pay dispute on 10 October

4 October 2016

From Unite

About 140 Ipswich bus drivers will be striking for 24-hours next Monday (10 October) in a low pay dispute.

Unite, the country’s largest union, said that the strike centred on raising the pay for the lower paid third of the drivers working for borough council-owned Ipswich Buses.

The strike will start at 04.55 on 10 October.

Unite regional officer Steve Linger said: “We apologise in advance for the severe disruption this will cause those who use the bus services in Ipswich and the surrounding villages in Suffolk.

“We are quite close to what we think is a reasonable settlement, but it will mean Ipswich Buses putting more money on the table. Unite is open for talks before the strike takes place – and urges the company to improve its offer.

“All of our bus drivers will be striking in solidarity in this fight against low pay – they voted by a majority of 90 per cent for strike action. Driving buses is a highly responsible role and there should be a similar rate for the same job.”

Two-thirds of the drivers have accepted the new pay rate of £11.00 an hour – up 18 pence an hour  – for the pay year June 2016-June 2017 – but the dispute centres on the starter drivers who earn as little as £8.66 an hour.

The company has offered £8.81 pence an hour – Unite thinks that £10.00 an hour is the reasonable rate for the job, given the responsibility for passenger safety.

– See more at: http://www.unitetheunion.org/news/ipswich-bus-drivers-to-strike-in-low-pay-dispute-on-10-october/#sthash.2xGo1206.dpuf

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