Hear voices from the frontlines of resistance at the Unite the Resistance conference

14 October 2016

Hear voices from the frontlines of resistance at the Unite the Resistance “Organising Fighting Unions in the era of Jeremy Corbyn” conference – Saturday 12 November

Newsquest strikers in Sutton

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Speakers include:
John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor
Megan Charlton, Durham Teaching Assistant
Ian Hodson, BFAWU national president
Jane Aitchison & Sean Vernell, Unite the Resistance
Hannah Lawson, PCS National Museums Wales
Axel Persson, CGT French rail worker
John Hendy, employment rights barrister
Dave Smith, Blacklist Support Group joint secretary
Ben Weich, Deputy FOC, Newsquest
Liz Lawrence, UCU past president
Candy Udwin, PCS National Gallery
Dean Thwaites RMT Southern Rail striker
Ritzy cinema striker
BMA junior doctors

All speakers in a personal capacity

• Trade unions in the age of Corbyn: strategies to win
• How do we organise against the anti-union laws?
• Migrant workers welcome: Here to stay, here to fight
• Organising the unorganised and the fight for £10 an hour
• How can our unions mobilise to defend public services?
• Trade unions, Labour and building the social movements

You can download the latest publicity here


Ritzy strikes spread to Hackney Picturehouse
Hackney Picturehouse workers are joining Ritzy cinema workers on strike tomorrow, Saturday 15 October, demanding the living wage. They are calling on suporters to get down the the Hackney Picturehouse for 11.30am to greet the strikers as they walk out at 12 noon, and then for supporters to join them outside Hackney Town Hall.

Message from Hackney Picturehouse strikers: “There’ll be music, speeches, a whole bunch of people in cool green t-shirts (us) brandishing placards and generally excellent vibes. Staff at the Ritzy will also be on strike this weekend, and will be coming to join us in Hackney on Saturday. Keep up to date with their campaign here

Picturehouse management have refused to pay the Living Wage, refused to recognise the workers’ chosen trade union, and they have refused to grant adequate sick pay, maternity and paternity pay. And what’s more, they have refused even to meet with workers to discuss these matters.

RMT Southern Rail strikes solid: Guards set for more action
Despite a legal challenge from bosses who are using anti-union laws in an attempt to thwart the strikes, the three day strike by RMT train guards on Southern Rail went ahead and were solid. They are set to for another 72 hour strike from Tuesday 11 to Thursday 13 October, followed by a further three 48 hour strikes on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 November, Tuesday 22 and Wednesay 23 November, and Tuesday 6 ansd Wednesday 7 November. They are fighting to defend safety and keep the guard on the train. They also have ademonstration and lobby of parliament on Tuesday 1 November. With a huge crisis on the railways, the call for renationalisation from Corbyn, and a particularly high profile crisis on Southern Rail, this is a politically significant dispute. Download the ‘Solidarity Selfie’ poster here and tweet/ share pictures with @RMT_union and #SouthernStrike

Picket lines:
Victoria:  as before from around 0745 to late afternoon outside the theatre on Wilton St, Brighton: from 0600 all day, Eastbourne: outside the front of the station from 0430 until late afternoon. Selhurst: from 0330 to about 0800 then from 1200 to about 1600, Barnham: from 0330 to 1600

Calling all trade unionists!
Please send messages of protest at the victimisation of Penny Gower, EIS branch secretary, and the travesties of justice at Edinburgh College.

Following widespread EIS-FELA concerns at the sacking of an Edinburgh College lecturer, management is now targeting the branch secretary Penny Gower. She represented the lecturer, demonstrated the flimsy case against him, and flagged up the abuses of procedure to the EIS members.

Penny has been informed that:
‘The Principal has decided to set disciplinary processes in train to answer ‘serious allegations’ from unnamed complainant/s:

‘Concerns that Penny Gower Branch Secretary, EIS is

In appropriately encouraging College EIS members to take strike action, and
Bring the College and HR team into disrepute.’
(The communication errors are management’s own.)

In response, the Edinburgh College EIS members have called for a strike ballot which is set to start from 24 October. The EIS seeks the dropping of disciplinary processes against Penny, and the reinstatement of the lecturer.

Please send messages of protest to Edinburgh College Regional Chair, ian.mckay@edinburghcollege.ac.uk , copied to EIS-FELA Branch Secretary pennygower1@gmail.com

Back County Durham teaching assistants
Some 1700 Teaching Assistants in County Durham are set to ballot for strikes following a proposed 23 percent cut in their pay by the Labour-run council. Megan Charlton from the dispute will be speaking at the forthcoming Unite the Resistance conference (book here)

Rush messages of support to the TA’s at spartacusannie@gmail.com

New “Blacklisted” film from Reel News
A new documentary on the story of the blacklist has been produced by Tom Wood from Reel News you can view it here

Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain’s book on the blacklist “Blacklisted” is now available in a substantially extended, updated edition, with new information and pictures. You can order it here: info@bookmarksbookshop.co.uk

Dave Smith will be speaking at the Unite the Resistance conference on 12 November (Bookhere)

Stand Up to Racism
Stand Up to Racism held a magnificent conference of 1500 people on Saturday 8 October. Among speakers were leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott.

It was a real launch pad for a new anti-racist movement in Britain. Stand Up to Racism is encouraging a whole series of initiatives following the success of the conference.

For more information go to their website here

National demonstration for Libraries, Galleries and Museums, Saturday 5 November


The demonstration is now backed nationally by Unison
See Barnet Unison’s website for more information

National demonstration for Education Saturday 19 November
The National Union of Students (NUS) and the University and College Union (UCU) have called a November national demonstration in central London. Set for Saturday 19 November, the demonstration – ‘United For Education’ – will represent a rallying call for free, accessible and quality further and higher education across the UK, and to demand an end to the marketisation of university and college education. Read on here

United Voices of the World campaign for reinstatement of LSE cleaner Alba

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