Fight the victimisation of Penny Gower, EIS branch secretary at Edinburgh College

10 October 2016

Calling all trade unionists!

Please send messages of protest at the victimisation of Penny Gower, EIS branch secretary, and the travesties of justice at Edinburgh College.

Following widespread EIS-FELA concerns at the sacking of an Edinburgh College lecturer, management is now targeting the branch secretary Penny Gower. She represented the lecturer, demonstrated the flimsy case against him, and flagged up the abuses of procedure to the EIS members.

Penny has been informed that:
‘The Principal has decided to set disciplinary processes in train to answer ‘serious allegations’ from unnamed complainant/s:

‘Concerns that Penny Gower Branch Secretary, EIS is

  • In appropriately encouraging College EIS members to take strike action, and
  • Bring the College and HR team into disrepute.’

(The communication errors are management’s own.)

In response, the Edinburgh College EIS members have called for a strike ballot which is set to start from 24 October. The EIS seeks the dropping of disciplinary processes against Penny, and the reinstatement of the lecturer.

Please send messages of protest to Edinburgh College Regional Chair, , copied to EIS-FELA Branch Secretary

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