Book tickets today for “Building Fighting Unions: in the era of Jeremy Corbyn” conference, Saturday 12 November

5 October 2016

Building Fighting Unions: in the era of Jeremy Corbyn

Sat 12 November 2016, 11:00 – 17:00

£3.78 – £9.08

Speakers include:

John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor

Ian Hodson, BFAWU national president

Jane Aitchison & Sean Vernell, Unite the Resistance

Hannah Lawson, PCS National Museums Wales strike

John Hendy, employment rights barrister

Dave Smith, Blacklist Support Group

Candy Udwin, PCS National Gallery striker

Dean Thwaites, RMT Southern Rail striker

Liz Lawrence, UCU past president

BMA junior doctors

All speakers in a personal capacity

The re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has the potential to transform

the possibilities for the trade union movement in Britain.

Pledges to scrap the Tory Trade Union Act, bring in a bill of workers rights and introduce a £10 an hour living wage are signs of what could be possible.

The call for £10 an hour will chime with millions of low paid workers across Britain.

The workers at Uber and Deliveroo who struck recently are a sign that the low paid and the unorganised can

But our movement also faces massive challenges.

The junior doctors fight inspired the movement, but the BMA has now retreated from action.

Although there are inspiring examples of resistance the level of industrial action in Britain is very low.

• How do we raise the level of organisation and action to the political potential Jeremy Corbyn has opened up?
• How do we organise with the Trade Union Act’s anti-union legislation in place?
• Can we build on the examples of Sports Direct, Deliveroo and elsewhere, organised the unorganised and defend workers rights?

• Trade unions in the age of Corbyn: strategies to win
• How do we organise against the anti-union laws?
• Organising the unorganised and the fight for £10 an hour
• After the junior doctors’ strikes how do we defend the NHS?
• From grammar schools to the HE White Paper: Defending inclusive education for all
• Trade unions, Labour and building the social movements

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