Axe the Housing act Summit – secure homes for all – Saturday 22 October

17 October 2016

Axe the Housing act Summit – secure homes for all,

The Axe the Housing act Summit is being held this Saturday 22 October, 11.30am (Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, WC1H 9BD).

Discussions, workshops, plan for future actions against the implementation of the vicious Housing Act

Homes and communities are under threat across Britain and the Housing & Planning Act will make it worse.
Cuts, demolition and sell offs mean there’s no chance of a council or Housing Association home you can afford. High rents pushing private renters into poverty and out of their cities, away from their communities. All over Britain developers are pushing for more luxury housing on public land. Aylesbury, Focus E15, Cressingham Gardens and Butterfields are just the start.
The Housing Act includes a Brownfield register that will speed up the take over of estates and public land, with more private luxury housing we can’t afford. We must fight to stop the clearances and defend our communities.

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