New model motion: Back Corbyn, build the resistance

1 August 2016

Pass this Model Motion:

Defend Corbyn, Fight Austerity, Oppose Racism, Back the junior doctors

At a time of political crisis in the wake of the Brexit vote and with the Tories weakened and divided the majority of MPs in the Labour Party, have chosen to attack Jeremy Corbyn.

Instead of concentrating on building resistance to the Tories, austerity and racism the Labour right have turned their fire on Jeremy Corbyn, despite his overwhelming mandate to lead the party.

Whatever his talk of being as “radical as Corbyn”, Owen Smith represents a return to the days of Blair and Brown.

We have no confidence in those MP’s who have turned on Corbyn, we fully support his campaign for re-election as Labour leader and support the call by Unite conference for mandatory re-selection of Labour MPs.

The BMA has called escalated action in the ongoing national dispute by junior doctors against Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s toxic contract, that was rejected overwhelmingly by junior doctors in the BMA referendum in July. While the strikes in September have been suspended, junior doctors are set for three 5-day strikes planned for October, November and December. We fully support these, and any strikes by teachers and lecturers this autumn and believe that more national action by the trade union movement in opposition to austerity is essential, co-ordinated where ever possible.

We oppose any attempt to stir up racism and to divide our side. We defend the rights of migrant workers, oppose Islamophobia and say refugees are welcome here!

  • We support the “unwelcome the Tories” protest called by the People’s Assembly at the Tory Party conference in Birmingham on Sunday 2 October and agree to pay…towards transport and to send our branch/campaign banner.
  • We support the Stand up to Racism national conference on 8 October and agree to send…delegates.
  • We support the Unite the Resistance conference on Saturday 12 November and agree to fund…delegates and to send our branch/campaign banner.
  • We call on the TUC to call and mobilise for a national demonstration in solidarity with the BMA junior doctors and in defence of our NHS.

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