BMA announces planned escalation of junior doctors’ dispute

12 August 2016

The BMA has announced that it is set to take escalated industrial action in the junior doctors if the government refuses to change course over the imposition of the junior contract.

Below are excerpts from a Facebook post by Yannis Gourtsoyannis, and you can read the BMA announcement on it’s website here

Solidarity in the coming weeks and months will once again be crucial.


*Breaking News*

Following our BMA JDC Exec meeting today…

IT IS ON…..’Alea Iacta Est’.

The BMA will be proceeding with further IA…Industrial Action….big IA. More detail soon.

It’s time to dust off our Picket arm-bands .

An escalated fight is on.

Theresa May is about to reap what her predecessor has sown.

The smear campaign against us will of course be grinding back into gear soon. Stand firm. It is going to be worse than before….but we, your JDC, will continue to enact the will of the members.

The battle of Autumn/Winter 2016 will be qualitatively distinct from the battle so far. Everybody needs to play their part. We will not allow the Government to continue along the path it has chosen. I have always said that trade union disputes are scrappy, difficult and prolonged…and this is no exception.

This is the trade union dispute which will determine the lives of generations of patients and NHS workers. It’s the trade union dispute of this century. That’s no exaggeration. This is about to be ratcheted up by an order of magnitude.

Activate your networks, get talking to your reps, hunker down for the onslaught against us.

And always, always remember…..IA is extracting more and more from Government. IA is the ONE thing that the government fears. It is the bedrock from which everything else springs. The following 2 months are crucial for the Conservatives. We are about to throw a massive spanner in their works.

This is so WINNABLE. Let’s win it. Our members will settle for nothing less. And the British public will thank us for it.

Yannis. Member of JDC Exec.



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