After the referendum result: Time to unite and fight against austerity and racism

24 June 2016

After the referendum result: Time to unite and fight against austerity and racism

The result of the EU referendum shows the deep bitterness amongst working class people at years of austerity and cuts, and a real desire for change. Politicians on both sides of the official campaign used racist rhetoric, tried to stoke up fear over immigration, and scapegoated refugees.

What’s needed now is a real working class alternative to austerity and racism, and that means building the resistance.

We now face a weakened and divided Tory government that has already made U-turns on issue after issue, including Personal Independence Payments (PIP) in the face of protest by disabled people, and also on forced academies and testing for 4 year olds under pressure from teachers organising to fight back.

This week has not only seen the resignation of Cameron, the prime minister, but also the announcement that the teachers in the NUT union have voted overwhelmingly for national strikes, with their first strike date called for Tuesday 5 July. On that day a national demonstration has been called too.

Whatever people thought was the best way to vote in the referendum to boost the anti-austerity and anti-racist movement, now it is crucial that we stand united, organise the fightback against a Tory government in crisis, and get behind those fighting back, such as the teachers and maximise the solidarity for the strikes.

The incredible strikes by junior doctors against the Tories’ toxic contract—and the solidarity shown—are evidence of the huge mood of support for those fighting to defend our services against the austerity assault. And the mass support for refugees and outrage at what our governments are allowing to take place in Calais shows the potential to build a strong, widespread anti-racist movement.

  • Back the strikes
  • Solidarity with refugees
  • Migrants welcome here
  • Tories out!


Message from Bakers’ union: All out on Sunday 26 June!

Join the mass picket to reinstate KumaranDear Sister and Brothers

We are organising a day of action in support of Kumaran Bose who was dismissed for speaking out and for organising a union in his workplace. Please see our statement.

We are seeking the support from the wider Labour movement to call on the company to reinstate Kumaran.

We would hope people who believe in Justice and the right for workers to have a voice in their workplace are able to attend.

Protest: 12.30pm Sunday 26 June at Chetwode House

1 Samworth Way, Leicester Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1GA


Support the NUT teachers’ strike 5 July: Join the national strike march


Calling teachers, governors, parents, children and all who want to defend education…


March and Rally for Education: Tuesday 5 July


Assemble 11am Portland Place (outside the BBC), London W1A 1AA (Great Portland Street tube). March at 12 noon, Rally from 1.30pm in Parliament Square


  • No Forced Academies
  • Invest in Children and Education—No Cuts
  • National Pay and Conditions in ALL Schools
  • Negotiation not imposition


Called by NUT  #TellNickyNo



‘No to Job Cuts and Trade Union Victimisation at London Met’

Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing the petition ‘No to Job Cuts and Trade Union Victimisation at London Met’. We intend to submit the petition to the London Metropolitan University Board of Governors when they meet on Thursday June 30. We therefore need your help now to maximise the number of signatures by forwarding the link below to your friends and colleagues:

As you may also know, since launching this petition, the situation at London Met has now deteriated further. University managment have commenced a further round of compulsory redundancies that threaten the jobs of almost 400 academic and administrative staff – some one-third of all substantive university staff. They have also stated their intention to further increase the use of zero-hour contracts and reduce research to that which explicitly ‘generats a profit’. Please see details at:

We need your solidarity more than ever – please spread the word!



United Voices of the World Emergency Appeal

EMERGENCY APPEAL: The UVW supports some of the most oppressed and unrepresented groups of workers in the UK. We take on some of the most unscrupulous employers in the country.

However, in early June 2016 UVW were forced to go to court to defend an injunction in order to defend basic trade union principles. Consequently, we now face costs that will seriously undermine our ability to carry on the vital work we undertake.

Don’t let the cleaning contractors silence our union! The cleaners are now in their third week of indefinite strikes, fighting for the living wage and no cuts. Keep in touch with their action and show your solidarity here

Please use the button in the link below to donate whatever you can afford either as a one off or regular payment, to allow us to continue to give these workers the representation they need and deserve.

You can donate via your credit or debit card or via your paypal account if you have one.

Thank you.

Emergency Appeal

United Voices of the world (UVW) is a grassroots, independent and completely volunteer-run trade union. We were established by, and are almost entirely comprised of migrant workers in London’s service sector where wages are low…



Date for the Diary: 12 November

Unite the Resistance Annual Autumn Conference


Rebuilding Our Unions, Fighting Austerity


Speakers so far include

Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary

Liz Lawrence, UCU past president

John Hendy QC

Ian Hodson BFAWU national president

Jane Aitchison PCS & Unite the Resistance joint national secretary

Candy Udwin, reinstated National Gallery striker

Plus strikers & activists from the struggle both here in Britain and internationally…

More details to follow shortly

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