Sign the national petition – defend UCU union reps at London Metropolitan University

3 May 2016

Sign the national petition – defend UCU union reps at London Metropolitan University Sign here

The London Met UCU branch chair Mark Campbell and secretary David Hardman were informed they were to be made redundant by the end of this semester last week. Other key UCU reps have also been targeted as part of the latest wave of redundancies.

The whole movement has to see this attack for what it is, an outrageous assault on union reps and our right to organise.

Over recent months we have beaten off similar attacks. PCS rep Candy Udwin at the National Gallery and Unison rep Sandy Nicol at SOAS were reinstated after mass campaigns to oppose their victimisation.

A national petition has been launched today, lead signature UCU General secretary Sally Hunt, sign here and share as widely as possible.

For more information go to the campaign blog here Show your solidarity with “selfie” poster here with this poster using the hashtags #savelondonmet #saveourreps Share on social media, send a copy to and/or post on London Met UCU facebook here



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We, the undersigned, are shocked at the recently announced compulsory redundancies of permanent faculty staff, and other recent job losses resulting through the removal of all teaching hours from some long serving HPL (Hourly Paid Lecturer) staff, at London Metropolitan University.

We believe that these lecturer job cuts will directly negatively impact on the student experience. This is particularly problematic as the university attempts to make itself more attractive to potential applicants and provide an enhanced service to its existing students.

We are further outraged that among the job losses announced are union officers, including the UCU Chair, Mark Campbell, and UCU Secretary, David Hardman. We insist that these staff must not be victimised (whether deliberately or indirectly identified for redundancy) as a result of being union activists.

We therefore demand that you immediately rescind the announced job cuts, and in addition, that you give a full public guarantee that union officers will be fully afforded the respect and protection their office deserves.

Initial Signatures
Sally Hunt, UCU General Secretary
Elizabeth Lawrence, UCU President
Margot Hill, UCU Chair London Region and NEC Member
Rob Goodfellow, UCU President Elect
Sean Wallis, UCU NEC member University College London
Terry Murphy, UCU NEC Member, Teeside University
Richard McEwan, UCU NEC member London Further Education
Mandy Brown, UCU NEC Member London Further Education
Carlo Morelli, UCU NEC Member, Dundee University

Sign here

Why is this important?

The success of widening participation in higher education requires a supported, sufficient, and respected workforce. The staff cuts and union victimisation at London Met is the antithesis of these things and unchallenged will lead to the diminution of an essential opportunity for non-traditional students.

Sign the petition here


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  1. Z.Sullivan said:

    We NEED teachers!

    10 May 2016 at 10:33pm

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