Back National Museums Wales all-out strike

3 May 2016

Back National Museums Wales all-out strike

Solidarity in the dispute at the National Gallery last year was crucial. Now the PCS members in National Museums Wales are on all out strike and urgently need support.

Just like Junior Doctors in England they are fighting to defend their weekends against bullying bosses who are threatening to sack them and impose a new contract.

They are very low paid earning under £16000 without their weekend enhancements and need all the financial support we can raise for them.  Watch and share their video

Please see their appeal below and attached with a collection sheet and leaflet.

You can donate via pay pal here



Dear Friend

PCS union members at the seven sites of National Museum Wales are taking all out strike action in defence of our living standards. Our predicament is similar to that of the junior doctors in England. Our management want to remove the unsocial hours payments received by “front of house” staff as compensation for working on weekends.

In the course of a year, they can amount to as much as 15% of the take-home pay of the lowest-paid employees. Some earn as little as £15,639 and have only just been awarded the Living Wage.

We appreciate that the Museum’s budget has been cut, but we do not accept that the lowest-paid staff should be taking such a big hit, especially when the senior management team are not taking a comparable cut in their own salaries.

We have negotiated with Museum management to try and resolve this issue and have been willing to be flexible, provided that any new pay arrangements provide fair compensation for staff who are obliged to work numerous weekends every year. 

But the Museum’s director general, David Anderson, is now subjecting staff to enormous pressure, telling them that they must accept this offer or be dismissed and re-engaged on the new terms, without any compensation.

We want to end our dispute and get back to focusing on our jobs supporting Wales’ cultural treasures, but we cannot accept management’s attack on our living standards – or their bullying.

We would very much welcome any support that you or your organisation may be able to provide, in order to help sustain us in our campaign for a fair settlement. Please consider doing one or more of the following:


• Emailing David Anderson ( and your Assembly Member

• Checking out our Facebook page ( and leaving a message of support

• Signing our online petition:

• Donating to our campaign fund: PCS Amgueddfa Cymru 107006 Branch Hardship Fund, Unity Trust Bank, sort code: 60-83-01, account number: 20364700 or via PayPal:

• Inviting a PCS rep from National Museum Wales to visit your organisation to talk about our dispute and/or organising a collection

Download the solidarity poster pdf here

Microsoft Word - NMW PCS Solidarity poster


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