Junior doctors: It’s everyone’ s fight, public meeting, Tuesday 12 April

14 March 2016

Unite the Resistance public meeting:

Junior doctors: It’s everyone’ s fight

Let’s turn sympathy into solidarity

Tuesday 12 April, 7pm

Bloomsbury Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8EP

Nearest tube: Tottenham Court Road

Speakers include:

Niki Fitzgerald BMA junior doctor at Whipps Cross Hospital

Jeeves Wij BMA junior doctor in East London & BMA JDC

Mona Kamal BMA junior doctor

Matt Wrack FBU firefighters’ union general secretary

Natalie Bennett Green Party leader

Kevin Courtney NUT teachers’ union deputy general secretary

Janet Maiden Unison Health Service Group executive & nurse at UCLH (pc)

Charli Humm student nurse at Kings College London & St Thomas’ Hospital             & NHS bursary campaigner

BFAWU fast food workers sharing experience from the global day of action


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UtR 12 April mtg junior doctors strikes A6
Download PDF leaflet here
The junior doctors fight is a fight for every trade unionist and campaigner in Britain.
UtR 12 April mtg backThe Tories want to privatise the health service and erosion of peoples’ terms and conditions are a part of that process.
If the Tories get away with imposition of the doctors’ contract then they will use the same methods to impose terms and
conditions across the NHS – and beyond. 

It’s a green light for employers to ignore the unions.
 For these reasons this dispute is the key front in the fight against austerity.
A victory for junior doctors, would be a victory for working class people across Britain.
A lot is already being done in the union movement to build support for the junior doctors.
The last strike dates saw some fantastic examples of workers from various unions turning out onto rallies on the picket lines – as they did at UCLH in central London – or joining marches, like the one called by East London junior doctors.
This meeting aims to play a part in this process, and help organise to spread and increase the solidarity that can help the junior doctors win.
In the same week there’s a global day of action on Thursday 14 April in conjunction with the Fight For $15 in America.
As a US-wide fast food and low-waged workers’ strike takes place, across the world fast food workers and their unions will organise solidarity protests.
In Britain, fast food workers in the BFAWU bakers’ union are leading the campaign for £10 an hour and union rights.
Zero hours
They will join the platform to share their experiences building union organisation in a notoriously difficult industry, and the battle against zero hours contracts.
In the same way that the junior doctors may have taken our movement by surprise as a new section of workers leading resistance, the campaign by fast food workers is another example of new layers of the working class getting organised and shaping our union movement.

Download the leaflet pdfs here






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