Video: Dr Yiannis Gourtsoyannis @yiannisgourtso @TheBMA speaking at Unite the Resistance conference 14.11.15 #juniordoctors #juniorcontract

16 November 2015

On Saturday 14 November, at the Unite the Resistance conference, Yiannis Gourtsoyannis from the BMA made an appeal for trade unionists and campaigners across the movement to support the junior doctors in their fight against Jeremy Hunt’s junior contract.

Strike dates have been announced by the BMA (see below), pending the outcome of their ballot which ends on Wednesday 18 November. Dr Yiannis reported to the meeting that he considered it highly likely that there would be a decisive vote for strikes.

  • Emergency care only — from 8am, Tuesday 1 December to 8am Wednesday 2 December
  • Full walk out — from 8am to 5pm, Tuesday 8 December
  • Full walk out — from 8am to 5pm, Wednesday 16 December.



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  1. Dr Jane Bernal said:

    I an a member of both Unite and the BMA but discovered this page by chance on the internet. Glad I did but better publicity would be even better. I am a retired Consultant and Chair of Cornwall Keep Our NHS public. We would like to join any public events in Cornwall in support of Junior Doctors. Please can you tell me where they will be> In Solidarity, Jane Bernal

    21 November 2015 at 7:24pm

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