Update on London protest against the Tory Trade Union Bill, Monday 14 September, 6pm, Parliament Sq

9 September 2015

The second reading of the Tories’ Trade Union Bill is to be heard on Monday 14 September during the TUC conference.

The bill aims at further draconian anti-trade union laws including new ballot thresholds, attempts to criminalise picketing, attacks on union facility time and limits on union rights to fund political parties.

The Tories want to stop the trade unions offering effective resistance to further cuts and austerity.

The TUC is calling a major lobby of parliament on the third reading of the bill on 2 November but we can’t let this crucial second reading stage go by without protest.

Join the demonstration from 6pm in Parliament Square and the meeting at 8pm in Committee Room 11 of the House of Commons.

Speakers include MP’s John McDonnell, Chris Stephens and Ian Lavery plus Ian Hodson from BFAWU, Candy Udwin (PCS, National Gallery) and reps from Unite the Resistance, the NSSN and Right to Strike. The event is supported by the PCS and BFAWU so far.

Please join us, bring workmates and friends, campaign and trade union banners.

Parliament Square, 6pm, Monday 14 September.

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  1. patrick hunter said:

    We will be attending both the Demo and the meeting

    10 September 2015 at 3:48pm

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