UtR Bulletin 20.03.15

20 March 2015

Strike number three at the National Gallery! 5 days 24-28 March

Polly Toynbee has written another brilliant article in the Guardian on the situation at the National Gallery following the announcement of the new gallery director earlier this week. You can read the article here
Go here to find out how you can support the strike.
Secretary of Blacklist Support Group arrested at industry awards protest
Dave Smith was arrested at the protest at the Construction News Specialist Awards on Wednesday 18 March. The protest was to highlight the recent sackings on the Crossrail project – the largest construction project in Europe – publicly funded to the tune of £15bn. View the video here
You can order your copy of Blacklisted here
Financial appeal to support sacked Crossrail workers and build the #Crossfail campaign send cheques payable “Joint Sites Committee” to: Crossfail, 70 Darnay Rise, Chelmsford, CM1 4XA
Support the Your Choice Barnet strikers 25-27 March
The Barnet care workers are back on strike from 25-27 March. For more detail go here
Further anti-academy strikes in Lewisham 24-25 March
A further two days of strikes are set for Tuesday and Wednesday 24-25 March. For more info go here Read the previous story here
Refresco Gerber strikes continue in Bridgwater
Workers at the Refresco-Gerber fruit-juice plant are continuing their strikes – they are calling on fellow trade unionists to support their picket lines. Go here to read the Unite press release.
Don’t let them destroy lifelong learning demonstration Wednesday 25 March, 6pm
Following Wednesday’s lobby of Parliament, there is a further demonstration marching from City Lit College in Covent Garden to Downing Street assembling at 6pm, City Lit, Keeley Street, London WC2B 4CA

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