Update: Further strikes called at National Gallery 14-15 & 24-28 March

6 March 2015

08 April – strikers are currently deciding their next steps – we will publish further details as soon as we have them





The amazing support we have received for our fight against privatisation is what makes us sure we can win. So firstly thank you to everyone who has backed us so far.

We have received solidarity messages from hundreds of organisations round the country and have had thousands of pounds donated to our strike fund. Backing has ranged from the TUC General Council to individuals who have donated a few pounds.

See all the support here https://ngnotforsale.wordpress.com/support

People think the way our museums and galleries are run is a measure of the kind of society that we are. It should give everyone heart to see how much backing there is for anyone who stands up against privatisation and cuts and the austerity policies of this government.

If suspending our PCS rep Candy Udwin was intended to scare staff it has backfired. We are now following our two 5-day strikes with 7 days of strike action.

A very small number in the Gallery back the privatisation and seem intent on taking on our union. We call them the Troika! This includes the outgoing Chair of Trustees millionaire Mark Getty. They haven’t even let us know if they are prepared to discuss proposals that PCS have put forward which could resolve the dispute.

So now we have no choice but to step up the action. We are appealing to all those who care about the National Gallery and public services to support us.

Join us on our pickets and protests at the National Gallery

We would love to see you on our picket lines from 9 to 11am and we have a strikers meeting at 11am at which all supporters are welcome. There will also be a picket on Friday 27th 5-6.30pm

National Gallery strikers on tour!

Invite a speaker and help organise support in your town. Could you organise a leafleting session or collection where you work and invite strikers to join you.

Financial help is crucial

Most strikers do not even earn the London Living Wage so financial support is crucial to helping us to win. Please organise collections and donations.

Day of Action Thursday 26 March –everyone can join in!

We are asking that you organise leafleting or a protest in solidarity if you can. Or you can download the solidarity poster and share your photo.

Make a donation to our strike fund

Donate to Sort code 086001 Account no 20169002 or cheques to PCS Culture Media& Sport Association c/o PCS North West Region, Jack Jones House,1 Islington, Liverpool L3 8EG.

Write to the Gallery Trustees

Email the chair mark.getty@ng-london.org.uk  or here https://bit.ly/NGgetty

Ask your MP to support the campaign and back Early Day Motions 300 and 796.  Email your MP here https://bit.ly/noprivatisation_natgallery

Solidarity poster

Download poster bit.ly/noprivatisation Share your photo #Noprivatisation #ReinstateCandy

Sign and share our petition – make it 50,000!


Demand Candy Udwin’s reinstatement


Join our mailing list or facebook page

Email noprivatisationatNG@gmail.com  or www.facebook.com/nonationalgalleryprivatisation

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