Protest in solidarity with Dave Smith

24 March 2015

“Dave Smith Blacklist Support Group Secretary was arrested on 18 March, at the Hilton Hotel building awards protest and charged with obstructing a public highway.

Dave has been an incredible stalwart and working class hero all his working life , especially in the last 4 years assisting the construction rank and file. His work to expose Blacklisting has been tremendous . We would be nowhere if it wasn’t for Daves determination to expose Blacklisting , he is co-author of the new book Blacklisted.

Its high the time the blacklisters who have ruined 1000’s of construction workers lives were charged and arrested for their crimes they are the real criminals not Construction workers!”

Please support Dave and show solidarity

Gather outside Marylebone Magistrates Court 181 Marylebone Road NW1 5QJ

FRIDAY 27TH MARCH AT 8AM the case starts at 9am

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